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Day Trading Software history

It used to be the case that you would need a whole slew of day trading software in order to trade effectively. First off, a PC package that would allow you to download end of day prices and analyze them with all kinds of indicators, stochastics, bizarre algorithms and so on. Also, you would need day trading software to connect to your broker allowing you to trade at all. And finally, software to track your performance, enabling you to keep track of your P/L.

Not anymore. Nowadays, a good online broker will provide you with 'instant' day trading software, in the shape of a java-based client that runs seamlessly in your PC web browser, requiring no installation or maintenance on your part. The prices you need are available for free all over the web, or direct from your broker, so your basic free day trading software is all available here. And the only other piece of day trading software you need?

The Camarilla Calculator from

Day Trading Software from SureFireThing

The Camarilla Calculator on the right is fast, efficient, and is probably the only piece of dedicated day trading software you will ever need. As it runs online, you do not need to install it, or maintain it yourself. Any enhancements we make will be available instantly to you.


Day Trading Software #3

Using only yesterday's Open, High, Low and Close, the day trading software on the right will give you 2 sets of numbers. Most important to a new trader are the Camarilla {B} Equation numbers which offer you suggested levels at which you can expect the instrument you trade to 'break out' in either direction. Plus, you will be offered suggested stoplosses, suggested profit targets, and even the likely market high and low for the day. Armed with this information, you level the playing field, and can take on the professionals without fear.

Day Trading Software Calculator

The calculator also offers you the original version of SureFireThing's Camarilla Equation, which allows those of you who are more experienced or enjoy picking tops and bottoms to day trade with incredible confidence.

It is unlikely that you will need any other day trading software, as your broker will no doubt supply you with free dealing screens, and you can keep track of your trades in a simple Excel spreadsheet.


Day Trading Software advice

Given that all you need to become a dynamite trader is available in the day trading software on the right, what are you waiting for now? Let's go trade!!!