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How much money can I make Day Trading?

For your entertainment, the 'Camarilla {b} Equity Curve' calculator in the middle of the page shows just how much money can be made if a trader follows sensible money management rules, and makes a certain number of points net per week.

Feel free to adjust the numbers to see the results!

  • Starting Cash is how much money the trader begins the year with.
  • Maximum Risk is the percentage of that capital the trader is willing to risk per week.
  • The Average Stop Loss is the maximum loss in points that the trader will undertake on any one position.
  • Net Points Per Week is the average number of points the trader expects to make per week, net of losses.
Note:- Camarilla {b} Equity Curve game for entertainment purposes only - rounding may occur, no allowance has been made for fees, commissions, taxes, slippage etc and no offer or guarantee is implied by this game. SureFireThing will not enter into any correspondence about this toy. To acheive exceptional results will ALWAYS involve you in exceptional performance.