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How does the Camarilla {b} Equation Work?

Designed for use both in online day trading and offline day trading, SureFireThing's Camarilla {b} Equation uses advanced mathematical techniques to tell you the points at which the market or stock specified will either 'zoom to the skies' or 'drop like a stone'. Requiring only yesterday's open, high, low and close, the system will supply all the information you need to win at online day trading in a simple, safe and elegant way. The beauty of the Camarilla system is that it will put you in LOW RISK yet HIGH POTENTIAL trades, day after day. It will keep you OUT of the 'chop zone' within which it is basically impossible to make any money. And it will also tell you when you should go flat and take your profits, one of the hardest lessons to learn in online day trading!

Online Day Trading - Breakout Levels

The basis of successful Online Day Trading is to understand why the market has a habit of pausing at certain levels, or even more perplexing, turning on a dime and suddenly shooting away in the opposite direction.

These moments are where market participants working on different timeframes come into contact. The Camarilla Equation Calculator highlights these expected levels for you, and enables you to take advantage of them.

From now on, YOU will be able to exit your winning trade just before it mysteriously reverses and turns into a loser. YOU will be the one confidently placing a trade at what appears to be a random moment, that suddenly shoots up making you instant profits. Simply use the numbers the Calculator gives you, and you are on your way to online day trading success!


What is the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation?

Click here to read about the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation, and how the more experienced trader can benefit from it..

Beginners guide to using the Calculator in Online Day Trading

Step 1 - Enter yesterday's numbers.

Online Day Trading example - Enter Yesterday's Open, High, Low and Close

Step 2 - Note the levels reported.

Online Day Trading example - The Calculator tells you where the best place to trade is.
Step 3 - If price goes ABOVE the Camarilla Level, go LONG.



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