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Stock Trading System and the edge

Any good Stock Trading System will offer you a number of 'edges' or advantages. In addition, each kind of Stock Trading System is designed to work within a particular timeframe. The SureFireThing Camarilla Equation, in both its forms, is designed specifically for Day Trading, thus reducing the risk to your capital. The Edges the Camarilla system will give you include suggestions on:-

  • When to enter
  • When to exit
  • When to sit on the sidelines
  • What to do is something goes wrong

Stock Trading System - an example

Take a look at Dell, on the 20th May 2003:-

Stock Trading System on Dell

As you can see, the 'L3' levels suggested by the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation picked the high and low for the day almost exactly. To use the Camarilla Stock Trading System to profit from this day required you to use the L3' levels as 'reversal points, setting your stops at the 'L4' levels, also defined by the equation.


Stock Trading System - a second example

Most days there are stunning trades available from the Camarilla Stock Trading System. The Vodafone chart below shows how the {b} version of the equation would have given you a reasonably safe entry at 19.95, and up to 10 cents profit per share within half an hour.

Stock Day Trading Vodafone

Armed with the knowledge of where that level was the day before, do you think you could have used this stock trading system to create a straightforward profit? Any Stock Trading System doesn't get much better than this!




Whether you trade 100 shares or 1000 shares, Stock Day Trading has never been easier than with the levels suggested by the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation.