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How accurate is the SureFireThing 'Camarilla' Equation?

Even if you have been trading for a number of years, and understand all about support and resistance, the levels the Equation supplies are nothing short of miraculous. Here is an example from June (the member's area has numerous charts such as these, annotated to help you understand how to get the best from the Equation).

As you can see, taking 12 points or so from the market before lunch was entirely possible. And best of all, stoplosses were set at under 2 points (although they were obviously never needed!).

Days like this are not unusual with SureFireThing's Camarilla Calculator - and if the day is a 'breakout' type of day, the L4 levels usually catch the break as well as the L3 levels catch the reversals in the example above.

Try the Equation

As an experienced trader, you know how even a small edge can give you a BIG advantage. Try the Camarilla Calculator now by clicking this 'Sign Up' link , or the button below the login screen. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see how cost-effective our Calculator is as it takes your day trading to the next level! And remember, if you still need to learn day trading, you can start here.