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Day Trading FAQ #1 - Can I get a free trial subscription?

Sorry, but no. We don't do free trials.

Day Trading FAQ #2 - How does the software work?

The software that drives the SureFireThing Camarilla Equations, both original and {b} versions, is based on mathematical theory that allows the calculator to predict with stunning accuracy, those levels where one set of market participants suddenly gains control of the market. This control may only last a short time, but while there is concensus, the market will move strongly in one particular direction. The calculator essentially allows you to enter trades where you can be fairly sure that you have the entire weight of the market behind you. In other words, it elegantly traps the boundaries between changes in market players belief structures, meaning that YOU get to be on the RIGHT side. In our humble opinion, it will single-handedly give you the equivalent of years of day trading experience.

Day Trading FAQ #3 - Can you manage my account for me?

Sorry, no. We have no plans to set up any kind of hedge fund at present.

Day Trading FAQ #4 - How much does the service cost?

Create an account here to see the latest pricing options. Creating an account is free, by the way. Our monthly subscription is a tiny amount compared to what you can make if you use the information it gives you wisely. Even trading a single contract, it is possible to pay for a whole years subscription with the profits from just one day. The price is unlikely to get less, and is more likely to increase, depending on the number of subscribers we have to service. Existing subscribers, however, are guaranteed that their payments will never change, as long as they remain in continuous subscription.

Day Trading FAQ #5 - If it is so good, why are you selling it?

We are not selling it. We only license you to use the calculator. The calculation remains secret. Your trading will have no impact on our own, so licensing the software to you is therefore simply another way for us to maximise the return on our investment, a prudent business strategy.

Day Trading FAQ #6 - How do I cancel my subscription?

Should you ever wish to cancel your subscription, PayPal provide a simple 1-step procedure. Paypal subscriptions are entirely under YOUR control and are basically standing orders - we can't unilaterally 'take' money from your account.

Day Trading FAQ #7 - Does it work on ALL stocks and indexes?

The Camarilla {b} Equation expresses an internal aspect of the workings of any liquid market. Any stock traded in sufficiently large quantities becomes a liquid stock. Any major Index by definition is liquid, and that includes S&P emini, Nasdaq and Dow futures contracts. The calculation may be slightly less accurate for penny stocks but in general, yes, any liquid stock, future, option, contract, currency or other instrument in any stockmarket, US or abroad, that has an official Open, High, Low and Close published every day.

Day Trading FAQ #8 - What do I need to get started?

A brokerage account funded to the tune of at least $2,500 (or a Spread Betting account funded to the tune of at least $750) with realtime trading charts. A computer with internet access and a browser. If you can see the login screen to the right, your PC is up to spec. You will also need the will to become rich, of course!

Day Trading FAQ #9 - Do you provide realtime charts?

No, for a number of reasons, the two main ones being that (a) you should only ever trade from the charts and prices your broker is showing you, and (b) it would be technically impossible for us to provide charts for absolutely everything in the world that our customers like to trade! The only charts we provide on the site are historical charts of the S&P 500 cash index, so you can learn the best ways to trade using Camarilla.

Day Trading FAQ #10 - How much money can I make?

It depends on the amount of capital you are prepared to risk, and your natural aptitude. Risking $2000 a day with a 5% return will produce $100/day before commissions. In about a month, if you maintained this rate of return, that would mean about an extra $2000. You can then start to increase your daily investment until you are earning the amount you need. You must not forget to allow for commission costs. There are some seriously cheap discount brokers online nowadays, typically in the $10 per 1000 share range. This make a million link will take you to a page where you can play with the Camarilla {b} Equity Curve game, and experiment with different scenarios.

Day Trading FAQs #11 - Do you have any historical data?

Yes, we have lots of historical data. The Equation is remarkably consistent over every time period, and for any liquid instrument that we have tested. As an example, on the S&P over a 100-day period, the general number of signals on the {b} equation is about 75, and the average profit potential on each signal is about 40% of the markets daily move. You may want to consult the Performance page, which has a list of the profit potential of recent days using the original version of the Equation. Check out how the original equation did in the Great Crash of 1929!

Day Trading FAQs #12 - Will the software work for foreign stocks?

The equation works equally well for ANY liquid stock, bond, currency, option, index, or other instrument that is traded in good volume, on any recognized exchange around the world. It works slightly less well for instruments that are traded thinly; predictably so, since the market makers for these instruments have a much firmer grip on the price. In our experience, it is best to avoid penny stocks. The instrument you want to trade must also have a daily Open, High, Low and Close published.

Day Trading FAQs #13 - Is SureFireThing regulated?

SureFireThing is unregulated, as we do not offer financial advice, hold monies for clients or act as intermediaries in financial transactions. If you are in any doubt about this, please read the disclaimer on the website (a link to the disclaimer can be found at the foot of every page). If you have any doubts about the quality of the service, we suggest you do not subscribe until you have tracked the performance of the system for a period long enough to put your mind at rest. We do not offer a refund on any of our products or services at this time because they are all electronic, and hence you consume them as soon as you receive them.

Day Trading FAQs #14 - I use an Apple Mac. Can I use the service?

If you visit the website and can see the login screen on the right of every page, then you can take advantage of the service.

Day Trading FAQs #15 - How much time will I have to devote each day to trading?

Its entirely up to you. As a guide, to enter your data for the instruments you want to trade will typically take you a minute or two (all you need to do is find yesterdays prices at, for example, Yahoo, then cut and paste them into the calculator). Next, typically you need to watch the market open. If the price is a LONG way from either Camarilla {b} entry points, you can leave it for a while, otherwise get ready to trade. Once the trade is in play, it will typically be no more than 30 minutes before you will close and take your profits. On exceptional moves, you may want to trail the instrument with a moving stop loss, which will involve you in more time. As it says on the course, the biggest profits are made in a fraction of the time; mostly the markets wobble randomly. If you are already a seasoned trader, you will already know how much time you like to spend trading, and will no doubt want to take advantage of the reversals signalled by the Original Equation, as well as breakouts.

Day Trading FAQs #16 - Does it come with a manual?


Day Trading FAQs #17 - How do I trade with the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation?

The calculator includes a FREE copy of the original SureFireThing Camarilla Equation, accurate to 1 hundredth of a point. Those of you who are more experienced traders will be amazed at its accuracy - see here for more details!

Day Trading FAQs #18 - What about cheaper stocks?

We advise you to avoid 'penny' stocks, or instruments that are only thinly traded. Technically, the more liquid an instrument is, the closer it conforms to the Camarilla ideal. That includes stocks, futures, options, CFDs and every other instrument you care to mention.

Day Trading FAQs #19 - Are you part of another firm I found on the web?

You may have seen other websites offering equation calculators, usually at far more expensive prices than us. SureFireThing is not affiliated to any other company or website. You can trial our service very cheaply, and assure yourself that our equation is as good as everyone says. If you require any further information, please contact us at this page.. For the avoidance of doubt, let us repeat:- the SureFireThing Camarilla Equations used by SureFireThing are NOT the same as ANY you may find anywhere else. They were invented independently, and are quite complex. They have never been disclosed to any third party, and are NOT related in any way to any other entity's work, either on the web, or in any other form. Other websites / companies may have formulae or calculators that produce what they call 'Camarilla Levels', but these are NOT the same as our Camarilla Levels (the 'real' ones!). If you create an account, we will show you some free charts demonstrating exactly how much better the REAL Camarilla levels are than the ones you found on some free site!

Day Trading FAQs #20 How do you calculate the profit potential in the performance section?

The Profit Potential for any given day using the Camarilla Calculator (original version, not the {b} version) is determined as the distance between the H4 and the high giving the maximum breakout upwards, plus the distance between the L4 and the low giving the maximum breakout downwards, plus, if appropriate, the distance between the H3 / L3 and the days close for those traders trading within the chop zone. While it is unlikely you will catch either the exact high or low of the day, often intraday trading gives several trades within the H3 - L3 zone, so in our opinion, any overstatement on breakouts is balanced by understatement of internal H3 - L3 trades. Points for the day are multiplied by $250 to represent a single S&P contract. As a member, you have complete access to the Example Trades section, where you will find numerous examples in annotated graphical form, showing you exactly how and why we traded a certain day in a certain way. Beginner or advanced trader, anyone can benefit from our Camarilla Calculator.

Day Trading FAQs #21 - Can I sign up without using PayPal?

Regretfully, PayPal is the only payment method we accept at this time, for reasons of efficiency, cost,and security. If PayPal will not authorise your transaction, we are afraid that we cannot help you at this time.

Day Trading FAQs #22 - Can I Use Camarilla to spreadbet?

Yes, absolutely!. Whether you are spread betting, spread trading, financial spread betting, or using a standard trading account, the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation will work just as well. We have a number of UK citizens who spreadbet instead of using traditional trading accounts, and they are all perfectly happy trading using spreadbetting firms.

Day Trading FAQs #23 - Does it work on Forex currency instruments / currencies?

Yes! There are instructions on the member's home page, and the member's FAQs that explain how simply you can trade FOREX with the Camarilla Equations. As they are the most liquid instruments on the planet, they work VERY well with the equations, because the more liquid an instrument is, the better it conforms to the Cam ideal.

Day Trading FAQs #24 - Can it be used for swing trading or position trading?

The equations can help you find good entry points for your swing trades or position trades, but it is at its most impressive when used in a day trading fashion.

Day Trading FAQs #25 - Is the equation the same as one I have found on a forum / message board?

No! A number of forums have threads by amateur traders claiming to reveal a 'Camarilla' Equation, and in some cases, attempts at backtesting against it. These message boards usually have references to simplistic 'pivot point' type calculations. Some have even stolen our SFT Camarilla Trading manual and illegally republished it. A pointless exercise, of course, because SureFireThing have never revealed the calculation behind either version of the equation to any third party, and both SureFireThing's versions of the SureFireThing Camarilla Equations involve complicated mathematical formulae - certainly not anything that can be stated in a few lines of code. If you try to trade using any of these (admittedly amusing) 'revelations', you must expect the old cliche to be fulfilled - 'you get what you pay for'. These 'free Camarilla Equation' sites, by the way, have usually been created by amateurs who have completely missed the point that the original Camarilla Equation is a dynamic construct (just like the stock market!), and adapts to varying conditions - it certainly can't be defined by a few simple math multiplications! Here's a concrete, real-world example. On March 7th 2014, the joker sites offering 'free camarilla equations' were reporting the H4 and L4 levels as 1881.26 and 1872.8. The real Camarilla Equation was reporting those levels as much further out, in fact both were actually BEYOND the day's range. This was vital, because if you'd used those 'free' levels, you'd have kicked off FOUR losing trades, as the market quickly reversed back through 1881 and 1872 each time, stopping you out for painful fast losses. If you'd used the REAL Camarilla levels, not only would you have avoided that costly error, you would have been put into several excellent H3 and L3 trades for a bumper day. You really do get what you pay for!
In fact, you can verify this for free - simply create an account, and we will show you some free charts demonstrating exactly how much better the REAL Camarilla levels are than the ones you found on some free site!