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Day Trading Software

Time was you needed a trailer-load of kit to day trade online. Not anymore.#

Day Trading Strategy

If you are going to profit in the markets you need a solid day trading strategy....

Day Trading Tips

Here is an overview of the 10 golden rules, and why 'tipsters' should be avoided.


The small print. Read this and agree to it before buying any goods or services from this site.

e mini day trading

Is it possible to day trade the e mini contract with the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation? Of course...

Equity Curve Calculator

A free webtoy that allows you to see how much cash you can make, using sensible money management strategies you define yourself.

Financial Spread Betting

A modern alternative to a standard trading account.

Great Crash of 1929

How far back hs the system been tested? To the Great Crash of 1929, that's how far!

Day Trading Links

A few links to sites we find useful. No paying advertisements, of course.

Position Sizing Calculator

A free webtoy that takes your account size, risk tolerance etc, and tells you how many shares / contracts to deal with.

Spread Betting

An alternative to a brokerage account

Spread Betting the S&P

Trader Jack does it from France!

Spread Trading

Another way of describing Spread Betting.

Stock Day Trading

It is possible to trade individual shares with Camarilla, as long as the share is liquid...

Stock Trading System

What alternatives are there?

Swing Trading

Swing trading with the SureFireThing Camarilla Equation - is it possible?

Turtle Trading

A once-popular longer term system, how did it work?

W.D. Gann

The mystical share guru of yesteryear. Was he REALLY any good???

Day trading online terms and definitions

Day Trading Online bid and ask

Day Trading and ECN

Direct Access Trading

Level II and Day Trading

Day Trading Market Makers

Paper Trading Online

Day Trading Support and Resistance

Short Term trading

Indicators used in Day Trading

Absolute Breadth Index definition
Accumulation / Distribution definition
Accumulation Swing Index definition
Advance Decline Line definition
Advance Decline Ratio definition
Andrews Pitchfork definition
Arms Index definition
Average True Range definition
Bollinger Bands definition
Breadth Thrust Indicator definition
Bull/Bear Ratio definition
Candlestick Charts definition
CANSLIM definition
Chaikin Oscillator definition
Commodity Channel Index (CCI) definition
Commodity Selection Index (CSI) definition
Correlation Analysis definition
Cumulative Volume Index definition
Demand Index definition
Detrended Price Oscillator definition
Dow Theory definition
Efficient Market Theory definition
Elliot Wave Theory definition
Envelopes definition
Eqivolume and Candlevolume definition
Fibonacci Levels definition
Fourier Transformations definition
WD Gann Angles definition
Interest Rates definition
Kagi Charts definition
Linear Regression Lines definition
MACD definition
Mass Index definition
McClellan-Oscillator definition
Median Price definition
Member Short Ratio definition
Money Flow Index definition
Moving Averages definition
New Highs New Lows definition
On Balance Volume definition
Open Interest definition
Options Analysis definition
Overbought Oversold definition
Parabolic SAR definition
Price Patterns definition
Percent Retracement definition
Performance Indicator definition
Point and Figure Charts definition
Positive volume index definition
Price Oscillator definition
Price Rate of Change definition
Public Short Ratio definition
Quadrant Lines definition
Relative Strength Index definition
Spreads definition
Standard Deviation definition
Stix definition
Stochastic Oscillator definition
Time Series Forecast definition
Tirone Levels definition
Total Short Ratio definition
Trendlines definition
TRIX definition
Typical Price definition
Ultimate Oscillator definition
Vertical Horizontal Filter definition
Volume Oscillator definition
Volume Rate of Change definition
Weighted Close definition
Williams Accumulation/Distribution definition
Williams &R definition
Zig Zag indicator definition